Worcester ware

Worcester ware,

ceramic ware, first manufactured in 1751, when the Lowdin pottery was moved from Bristol to Worcester. Soft paste was employed, and tea services, vases, armorial mugs, and portrait plaques with underglaze decoration became popular. Modeled and painted floral and medallion motifs, Chinese landscapes, and the transfer print in blue, black, or purple were modes of ornamenting early Worcester ware. A more florid treatment, with grounds of color (especially blue) and gilt as foils for birds of brilliant plumage, was effected in 1768 by artists formerly at Chelsea factories; after 1783 deterioration in design was noticeable.
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Irene was also a typist for the Worcester Ware Pratt Company and retired many years ago as a secretary at Worcester City Hospital.
His devotion to the company, inspired by his hobby of collecting old Worcester wares, and financial generosity ensured not only Royal Worcester's survival but the creation of the museum.
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