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Word Group


the simplest nonpredicative (as contrasted to the sentence) unit of speech. The word group is formed on a syntactic pattern and based on a subordinating grammatical relationship between two or more content words. This relationship may be one of agreement, government, or subordination. The grammatically predominant word is the main element of the word group, and the grammatically subordinated word the dependent element.

A word group denotes a fragment of extralinguistic reality. The word group combines formally syntactic and semantically syntactic features. Such features reveal the compatibility of grammatical and lexical meanings with the structure of the object-logical relations that these meanings reflect.

Word groups may be free or phraseological. Free word groups are formed in accordance with regular and productive combinative principles; their meanings may be deduced from those of the component words.


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The content of the word groups do not usually narratively or semantically contain their own connective threads, and even when they do, it is usually a loose connection, as in Figure 3.
It is possible that it belongs to the word group of the Uralic origin *e- 'dieser' (cf.
It is helpful to place the words and word groups performing different functions in the sentence on different coloured cardboard.
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In tonal languages such as most Nigerian languages, the variation in pitch is used to contrast the meaning of individual words while in intonational languages such as English, it is a feature of the word group.
As they identify each word group it is highlighted, and its meaning may be elaborated by defining new words, explaining new concepts, or discussing students' relevant experience.
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Infants in the word group were told, for example, "Look at the toma
Yet, while aligned with Scots phonology, it has neither any recognisable native semantic nucleus nor any affiliation with a larger word group.
2 : a short form of a word or word group (as don't or they've ) produced by leaving out a letter or letters
As mentioned before, Kruger (2006:41) states that "compounding is a process whereby two (or more) autonomous words, mostly members of a word group, are combined to form a compound".