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Microsoft's word-processing program, Word for Windows version 6.
IntelliLink supports such software programs as Borland Sidekick, Polaris Packrat, Microsoft Word for Windows, WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3, Microsoft Excel, dBase and Paradox.
With the formal unveiling last week of Word for Windows, Microsoft has begun to show off its grand strategy for a suite of tightly integrated Windows-based applications.
Information Mapping's Formatting Solutions(R) Pro software, which allows easy and quick formatting in Microsoft(R) Word for Windows.
NOTE: Windows is a registered trademark and Word for Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
Information Mapping's Formatting Solutions(R) Pro software allows for easy and quick formatting in Microsoft(R) Word for Windows.
This software, which enables authors to create, manage and share document content in an efficient and consistent manner, integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Word for Windows, providing the authors with the ability to quickly compose, edit and automate documents.
Compared with Microsoft's Word for Windows, as published in Microsoft Press (1996), the Microsoft programmers wrote 249,000 lines of code in 660 man-months for an average of 18 lines of code per man-day.
AA can be contracted from infected Word for Windows documents through e-mail, on floppy diskettes or over the Internet.
The Student Guide, which accompanies the course, is available in a paper version, in Word for Windows format, or in an Intranet HTML format for browsers.
Designed around a Microsoft Windows interface, Vitesse encompasses integrated telephony, a choice of document imaging and workflow systems, mainframe integration, document production through the use of standard packages such as Word for Windows and flexible scripting/help text.
ShareFun is a macro virus which infects Word for Windows versions 6 and 7.