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In the mid-'90s, Novell and WordPerfect Corporation faced the same giant problem: Microsoft.
Before that, he served in marketing-related management positions with Novell, Brodeur Worldwide and WordPerfect Corporation.
Finally, and most important, I had a very long personal association with WordPerfect Corporation.
Last February, WordPerfect Corporation, Orem, Utah, publicly proclaimed its interest in securing a piece of the healthcare I/S pie.
He has also held executive positions at Legato, Novell and WordPerfect Corporation.
Greg Johnson brings to Makau 20 years of marketing, sales and training experience with companies such as Electronic Text Corporation, Software Spectrum, WordPerfect Corporation, and Unishippers Inc.
Novell acquired the WordPerfect word processing program when Novell and WordPerfect Corporation merged in June of 1994.
Butterfield also held executive positions in the software industry with companies such as Vinca Corporation, Novell and WordPerfect Corporation.
He also held positions at Novell as regional director of sales for the Rocky Mountain region and vice president of North American sales for WordPerfect Corporation.
and substantially contributed to the WordPerfect suite of products for WordPerfect Corporation before its merger with Novell, Inc.
In the early 90s he worked for WordPerfect Corporation and later served as President of a software solution start-up.