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With its natural, lifelike voices and a wide selection of languages, we are excited to have Amazon Polly be the voice for WordPress and provide an alternative way for customers to consume their WordPress content and meet the needs of a larger audience.
Whether you want to sell your own hand-made products or sell products offered by multiple brands, this creative fashion WooCommerce WordPress theme will allow users with:
Powered by an optimized WordPress hosting platform, technical hosting tasks are also taken care of by GoDaddy including WordPress installation, server-side site load optimization, a multi-clustered server platform so websites are ready to scale for high traffic, and secured with automated software updates and free daily site backups.
The following are 12 things every information professional should know about the WordPress ecosystem.
Users and administrators are encouraged to review the WordPress Security and Maintenance Release and upgrade to WordPress 4.
To help ensure our customers and the WordPress community are using the strongest passwords possible, we've created our own powerful cracking cluster with more than 40 Teraflops of processing power so users can quickly evaluate existing password strength and more effectively secure their sites.
WordPress has become a popular platform that is now commonly modified for the development of both small and large law firm websites.
Here I'd like to answer your Wordpress questions and share some of the best free plug-ins available--add-ons that can help improve the functionality of your Wordpress website.
And a CMS like WordPress is flexible enough to provide page templates, tools for entry and editing, and hosting for these talkative websites.
6Scan LTD, a provider of website monitoring and security for small businesses, responds to ongoing brute force attacks on WordPress websites by offering a free service for web hosting companies.
India, April 17 -- A relatively low-key, but intense attack on WordPress (WP) based sites is under way.
Washington, Apr 16 ( ANI ): Unidentified group of hackers have reportedly launched a large-scale attack against WordPress blogs.