work order

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notice to proceed

Written communication issued by the owner to the contractor authorizing him to proceed with the work, 1 and establishing the date of commencement of the work.
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appropriation types used to fund modification work orders.
MAINTENANCE PROFESSIONALS, consider: Today you have five work orders.
Work order management is an area where software can be used to input facilities management and maintenance information from across the organization.
By clicking on the work order on the map, the supervisor aggregates work into assignment lists--a batch of work orders.
They settled on a plan to create a staging area for the management of work orders prior to assembly.
The Manufacturing Work Order applications, which were developed using Solomon's Tools for Microsoft(R) Visual Basic(R), will be marketed under the Solomon IV(R) brand name, as part of its Solomon IV Light Manufacturing Series.
Good maintenance programs will let you bring up a new work order form on your computer screen with a few keystrokes, no matter what you are doing on the computer at the time.
ARSS Infrastructure Projects has announced its joint venture, 'ARSS-LGPPL (JV), has received a railways work order.
Users can also customize the names of the work order fields.