work order

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notice to proceed

Written communication issued by the owner to the contractor authorizing him to proceed with the work, 1 and establishing the date of commencement of the work.
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Each year s work order(s) shall be physically completed within 30 calendar days of receipt of the work order, but in no case later than October 31 of each year.
Buildings, Locations, Assets and Work Orders can only belong to one Site at one time.
appropriation types used to fund modification work orders.
The Mobile Work Orders App eliminates paper, reduces data entry costs, and increases efficiency by allowing maintenance technicians to create and complete work orders in the field without an internet connection.
It is hot, muggy and miserable, and you have five work orders to repair AC units.
Additionally, 210 sites were issued Stop Work Orders accounting for 13% of the sites inspected.
As the scope of the rail projects was further defined and/or redefined, the values of the change work orders were modified accordingly,'' the MTA said in a statement released last week in response to questions about EMC.
CMMS packages typically use this information to generate work orders for maintenance staff.
With maintenance software, you can easily create work orders and coordinate the personnel, inventory, and equipment you need to get work done.
It is used to publish, as required, the inspections, corrective work orders and reports on the history of any equipment piece.
Yardi Maintenance Mobile offers workers in the field the convenience of creating, updating and closing work orders in Yardi Maintenance[TM] from a mobile device, with results automatically updated in Yardi Voyager[TM].
The Consultant Is Required To Handle 10 To 15 Work Orders Concurrently At Facilities Throughout The County.