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Informal a police officer who wears a uniform

What does it mean when you dream about a uniform?

Uniformed individuals in dreams can represent authority. Uniforms also symbolize the function of the people who wear them, so that a nurse’s uniform would refer to a medical situation. If one has ever worn a uniform, then that particular uniform could have a wide range of different associations.


An intermediate language developed for reverse engineering both COBOL and Fortran.

["The REDO Compendium", H. van Zuylen ed, Wiley 1993].


Seeing yourself wearing a uniform in a dream suggests that you have identified with a larger group, a movement, or an organization that requires you to conform and carry out its ideology. This may be positive or negative depending on the associations made and the kind of uniform that you are wearing. The issues expressed in this dream might be about self-identity, conformity, or responsibility (duty). The unconscious is pointing to the possibility that your individuality has been covered up and is being unnoticed because you are functioning as a member of a group and not as an individual.
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Her work uniform features Oscar the Grouch designs and her target clients measure their age in weeks.
Once the work uniform, or parent uniform is shed, you can unwind on a Mufti lounger chair and chill.
The man, in a work uniform, appeared to be cleaning, they said.
He was wearing his work uniform - a blue Southern Electric polo shirt and zip-up jacket with black trousers.
Unfortunately part of her work uniform is a cardigan in one of my colours which I'd like to wear when we have sex.
The school and work uniform supplier turns pink from November 8 until November 13 - and staff are urging everyone to come along and join in the fun.
He was wearing his work uniform of a sky-blue polo shirt and dark-blue, combat-style trousers.
The charity are holding a fundraising Look Loud Day tomorrow - challenging the public to ditch the dull suit or dreary work uniform and dress up in outrageous gear instead.
He was wearing a navy jumper with a badge on the right side, navy cords with pockets on the sides and boots which the girl believes may have been a work uniform.
Soreff says the top 10 reasons businesses opt for work uniform programs are:
That means we have an ongoing relationship with our wearers because we're servicing their work uniform needs every week by laundering, pressing, and - if necessary - mending or replacing their uniforms to ensure they always present a professional image.