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Informal a police officer who wears a uniform
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What does it mean when you dream about a uniform?

Uniformed individuals in dreams can represent authority. Uniforms also symbolize the function of the people who wear them, so that a nurse’s uniform would refer to a medical situation. If one has ever worn a uniform, then that particular uniform could have a wide range of different associations.

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An intermediate language developed for reverse engineering both COBOL and Fortran.

["The REDO Compendium", H. van Zuylen ed, Wiley 1993].
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Seeing yourself wearing a uniform in a dream suggests that you have identified with a larger group, a movement, or an organization that requires you to conform and carry out its ideology. This may be positive or negative depending on the associations made and the kind of uniform that you are wearing. The issues expressed in this dream might be about self-identity, conformity, or responsibility (duty). The unconscious is pointing to the possibility that your individuality has been covered up and is being unnoticed because you are functioning as a member of a group and not as an individual.
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Known by many as The Chicago Work Uniform Company, The Roscoe Company has provided work uniform rentals, custom mats and restroom supplies since 1921.
The humble two-piece suit is no longer just a work uniform. It's become a hot fashion item with men opting to wear them way beyond the office.
He objected to her work uniform, abused her verbally and turned up at her home uninvited.
Her partner Mr Capron said he assumed she had been collecting her work uniform, which had been hanging out over the roof area to dry, before the fatal fall.
Shop assistant Fiona Lewis, 20, wears her work uniform here, but admits she enjoys spicing it up with injections of colour.
A SCHOOL PE teacher has shown the red card to a Birmingham pub after he was barred from wearing his "work uniform".
A police spokeswoman said: "He was wearing his work uniform - a sky blue polo shirt and dark blue combat-style trousers."
He would do plumbing jobs before and after court hearings, arriving in his company van and wearing his work uniform in the dock.
Shopkeepers and businesses should also avoid wearing a work uniform or travelling to the bank in company vehicles.
He was last seen wearing his work uniform - a white top and black trousers - and was carrying a red and black rucksack.
Once the work uniform, or parent uniform is shed, you can unwind on a Mufti lounger chair and chill.