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(Russian, verstak; from German Werkstatt, workshop), a worktable with tools for making goods by hand from metal, wood, and other materials. There are single-seat and multiseat workbenches. Workbenches are subdivided into metalworkers’ and joiners’ benches. The former are used for working articles from metal and other materials, whereas joiners’ benches are used for woodworking.

A workbench for metalworking is a stable, solid metal frame with a wooden top 40-60 mm thick, having three-sided edges. The tabletop is covered with sheet iron 1 to 1.5 mm thick, veneer, or sheet textolite. For doing gauge and other precision work, a linoleum covering is used.

A joiner’s bench is a table consisting of a subbench and a top. The subbench is usually made from softwood (pine). It has two supports connected by longitudinal bars. The tabletop is made from a dry hardwood such as oak or beech, 60-80 mm thick and covered with drying oil.

The necessary tools, instruments, materials, parts, and engineering documents are placed on the workbench. Single-seat workbenches are 0.8-0.9 m high, 0.7-0.8 m wide, and 1.2-1.5 m long. Two-seat and multiseat metalworkers’ benches are longer. A workbench has boxes divided into several compartments for holding tools and papers. Workbenches are more comfortable for working if their height is regulated between 50 and 250 mm.


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