Workmen's Compensation

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compensation, workmen's:

see workers' compensationworkers' compensation,
payment by employers for some part of the cost of injuries, or in some cases of occupational diseases, received by employees in the course of their work.
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The movement to enact workmen's compensation legislation arose out of a law of employers' liability that had become "`choked and crippled with exceptions'"(90) and that workers, reformers, and employers alike had come to see as unworkable.
said his company is continually reported as a safe company, and yet it still costs the company $4 to $5 an hour, per employee, for workmen's compensation.
Patterson, a former director of the state Department of Human Services, warns that an "astronomical rise" in workmen's compensation rates could "severely limit" economic development.
The 1897 Workmen's Compensation Act placed compensation on a quite different basis: it was paid regardless of any fault by the employer and, indeed, irrespective of the worker's own responsibility in bringing about an injury.
These strategic initiatives significantly reduce our debt, eliminate our need for providing workmen's compensation policies, and make our earnings stream more predictable.
We hope the bill gets packaged with the workmens' compensation bill, because it really is workmen's compensation reform.
You'll need workmen's compensation and malpractice insurance as well as surety bonds.
In turn, the price of workmen's compensation claims has risen, leading to higher insurance premiums.
In addition, you'll have to pay premiums on workmen's compensation and disability insurance.
He liked to collect curses, a favorite being one he found in South Miami Beach, ``May you have an injury that is not covered by workmen's compensation.
Only in the case of workmen's compensation, rather than unemployment benefits, old age pensions, health insurance, or protective labor legislation for male workers, did these reformers have any success.