World Economics and International Relations, Institute of

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World Economics and International Relations, Institute of


of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, the leading Soviet scholarly institution conducting research on the basic problems of contemporary capitalism and on the competition and struggle between the two world systems. Organized in Moscow in 1956, the institute as of 1973 was comprised of nine departments and six independent sections.

Among the tasks of the institute are forecasting of economic, scientific, and technological trends in the capitalist world; investigation of problems concerning scientific and technological progress, managerial technique, and overall efficiency in the economies of the major capitalist countries; research into the basic developmental tendencies and contradictions within imperialism under the conditions set by the struggle between the two systems; study of present-day international relations; analysis of the social and political structures of bourgeois society and of the basic laws of class struggle; research on the contemporary stage of the national liberation movement and on the path of development for the countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America; and criticism of bourgeois anti-Marxist theories.

The institute has a library and mathematics laboratories. Postgraduate training is available to students either in residence or by correspondence. There is a single academic council that takes in the entire institute, as well as three such councils set aside to deal, respectively, with economics of the capitalist countries, with sociopolitical problems and international relations, and with economics and politics in the developing countries. The councils examine those scholarly problems considered to be of the greatest current interest; they also review candidate’s and doctoral dissertations submitted for defense.

In addition to basic monographs, the institute publishes Mezhdunarodnyi ezhegodnik: Politika i ekonomika (International Yearbook: Politics and Economics), a regular review entitled Ekonomicheskoe polozhenie kapitalisticheskikh i razvivaiushchikhsia stran (Economic Conditions in the Capitalist and Developing Countries), and the quarterly bulletin Ekonomikostatisticheskaia informatsiia (Economic and Statistical Information). Since 1973 a yearbook of international politics and economics has been published jointly with the Institute of International Relations of the Academy of State and Law of the German Democratic Republic; this publication appears in German in Berlin. Another organ of the Institute of World Economics and International Relations is the monthly journal Mirovaia ekonomika i mezhdunarodnyi otnosheniia (World Economics and International Relations). In 1971 the institute was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.


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