World Federation of United Nations Associations

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World Federation of United Nations Associations


(WFUNA), an international nongovernmental organization that unites various national groups of cooperation with the UN. Founded in August 1946.

WFUNA has consultative status (1) with the UN Economic and Social Council, consultative status (A) in UNESCO, and consultative status in a number of major international organizations (the Food and Agriculture Organization, the International Atomic Energy Agency, and others). In accordance with its charter, the goals of the federation are the representation of popular movements in support of the UN; coordination of the activity of national associations for strengthening international cooperation and mutual understanding between peoples in the interests of justice, security, and disarmament; respect for and observance of human rights; and improvements in economic and social conditions throughout the world. As of June 1, 1971, the federation included about 80 members.

The federation’s highest body is the plenary assembly, which holds sessions every two years. This assembly elects the federation’s president, vice-president, treasurer, and the 13 members of the executive committee to a term of three years. Day-to-day work is carried out by the secretariat, headed by its general secretary. The federation publishes the Newsletter (in English and French), accounts of the sessions of the plenary assembly, and other publications. The Soviet Association for Cooperation with the UN was established in March 1956.


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