World Festivals of Youth and Students

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

World Festivals of Youth and Students


traditional international mass celebrations by the representatives of youth and students struggling for peace, the independence of peoples, democracy, and social progress. From 1947 to 1968 they were held under the slogan ’’For Peace and Friendship,” and since 1968, under the slogan “For Solidarity, Peace, and Friendship.” The programs of the festivals include meetings between delegations, seminars, discussions on vital contemporary problems, conferences, meetings, and demonstrations, as well as artistic performances and sports events. Festivals are organized by an international preparatory committee, formed before the festival, and by national preparatory committees uniting organizations with differing political viewpoints. The World Federation of Democratic Youth and the International Student Union play an active role in the planning and execution of the festivals.

In the first World Festival of Youth and Students, held in Prague July 25-Aug. 16, 1947, 17,000 people from 71 countries took part; in the second (Budapest, Aug. 14-28, 1949), 11,000 from 82 countries; in the third (Berlin, Aug. 5-19, 1951), 26,000 from 104 countries; in the fourth (Bucharest, Aug. 2-16, 1953), 30,000 from 111 countries; in the fifth (Warsaw, July 31-Aug. 14, 1955), 30,000 from 114 countries; in the sixth (Moscow, July 28-Aug. 11, 1957), 34,000 from 131 countries; in the seventh (Vienna, July 26-Aug. 4, 1959), 18,000 from 112 countries; in the eighth (Helsinki, July 27-Aug. 5, 1962), 18,000 from 137 countries; in the ninth (Sofia, July 28-Aug. 6, 1968), 20,000 from 138 countries; and in the tenth (Berlin, July 28-Aug. 5, 1973), 25,000 from 140 countries.


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