World Gas Congresses

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World Gas Congresses


held since 1931 under the sponsorship of the International Gas Union (IGU) founded in 1930. Soviet specialists participated in five of the 11 gas congresses held between 1931 and 1970 (see Table 1). Each successive gas congress is held in the country whose representative has been elected president of the IGU for a three-year term. The program of the gas congress is developed by the organizational committee of the host country in cooperation with the IGU Council. The summary reports of IGU committees are presented for discussion at the congress, and individual reports are read by specialists and scientists of national gas associations on questions related to gas extraction and production and on the current state of gas science and technology.

Intergas-70, the specialized international exhibition of gas equipment, apparatus, and instruments, was held for the first time as an international event in conjunction with the 11th World Gas Congress, which took place in Moscow in June 1970. It was decided to hold the 12th World Gas Conference (1973) in Cannes, France, and the 13th World Gas Conference (1976) in London, England.


Table 1. World gas congresses in which the USSR participated
CongressSiteYearNumber of participating countriesNumber of participantsNumber of reports
7thRome(Italy) ...............19581875046
8thStockholm(Sweden) ...............19612298048
9thThe Hague(Netherlands) ...............1964311,50056
10thHamburg(FRG) ...............1967302,25077
11thMoscow(USSR) ...............1970473,500173
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