World Petroleum Congresses

World Petroleum Congresses


The world petroleum congresses, which have been held since 1933, were preceded by three international petroleum congresses: Paris (1900), Liege, Belgium (1905), and Bucharest (1907). The First World Petroleum Congress took place in London (see Table 1); a resolution was passed to create a permanent council, whose charter was approved at the Second World Petroleum Congress. The main purpose of the permanent council is to facilitate the expansion of research in oil production and refining. The National Petroleum Committee of the USSR organizes the preparation of scientific reports and the participation of Soviet scientists and specialists in the work of the world petroleum congresses.

Table 1. World petroleum congresses
NumberPlaceYearNumber of participating countriesNumber of participantsNumber of reports
First ..........London1933231,250244
Second ..........Paris1937331,630392
Third ..........The Hague1951402,753289
Fourth ..........Rome1955453,250320
Fifth ..........New York1959535,329278
Sixth ..........Frankfurt am Main1963647,542263
Seventh ..........Mexico City1967654,844376
Eighth ..........Moscow1971585,069172


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On the need for a producer -- consumer dialogue and trust in the overall interest of the global economy, the ConocoPhillips Chairman & CEO said, "That is really the point for everyone who participates in the World Petroleum Congresses -- to talk about.
The reserve quantities reflected above were certified by Gaffney, Cline & Associates using the 1997 definitions and standards of the Society of Petroleum Engineers and World Petroleum Congresses.
The Company has also completed its internal evaluation of the Albacora oilfield's reserves based on the definitions and standards adopted in 1997 by the Society of Petroleum Engineers & World Petroleum Congresses (SPE/WPC), which are currently estimated to be 12 MMBO proved, 7 MMBO probable, and 140 MMBO possible.
Petroleum Economist is also the official publisher of the 17th and 18th World Petroleum Congresses and the 22nd and 23rd World Gas Conferences.
In the past, PEMEX determined its volume of proved hydrocarbon reserves in accordance with the criteria and methodology of the World Petroleum Congresses (WPC) and the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE).

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