World Resources Institute

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World Resources Institute (WRI)

Address:10 G St NE, Suite 800
Washington, DC 20002

Established: 1982. Description:Environmental research and policy organization that creates solutions to protect the planet and improve people's lives. Works to reverse degradation of ecosystems, halt changes to Earth's climate, increase access to environmental information, and create economic opportunities for the world's poor. Dues: Donations accepted.
Publications: WRI Digest (monthly); subscription e-newsletter. Also publishes a wide range of scholarly reports and books on various environmental topics.

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Craig Hanson, Global Director of Food, Forests, and Water Programs, World Resources Institute, Washington, D.C., USA,
"It is not an enormous project, but one which will be demonstrative in nature," David Waskow, director of the international climate initiative at the World Resources Institute, said.
There high roller customers can choose which live fish they want prepared on the spot for their dinner at a cost of up to $300 per plate in what the non-profit World Resources Institute (WRI) calls "an essential status symbol for major celebrations and business occasions." WRI adds that as the East Asian economy has boomed in recent decades, live reef food fish has become a trade worth $1 billion annually.
CONTACTS: The American Clean Energy and Security Act; American Wind Energy Association; Friends of the Earth; League of Conservation Voters; Solar Energy Industries Association; World Resources Institute
Coined by the World Resources Institute, ecoflation refers to a future scenario in which resource scarcity dramatically raises the prices of vital commodities.
EMC Corporation, an information infrastructure solutions company, today announced its sponsorship of the World Resources Institute's Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol Product and Supply Chain Initiative, a joint effort with the World Business Council on Sustainable Development.
In this volume, Ranganathan (World Resources Institute), Munasinghe (Vice Chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), and Irwin (World Resources Institute) present 14 papers that explore the implications of the assessment and discuss which policies, governance measures, and organizational changes can foster ecosystem health.
Environmental Protection Agency and World Resources Institute
Other such programs have been set up among western and northeastern states, and the World Resources Institute reports that this third program now means approximately half of Americans are included in agreements to combat global warming. worked with to establish the system, using data from the World Resources Institute. It said offsetting flights with trees helps to restore ecosystems, habitats and greens communities and creates jobs.
Currently, the World Resources Institute estimates that these activities account for about 19% of total greenhouse emissions.
The guide, being developed in partnership with the World Resources Institute, aims to increase demand for forest products that are harvested and manufactured on a legal and sustainable basis and targets business-to-business customers.

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