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world's fair:

see expositionexposition
or exhibition,
term frequently applied to an organized public fair or display of industrial and artistic productions, designed usually to promote trade and to reflect cultural progress.
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Enrich Sahan, chief executive of the World Fair Trade Organisation, said: "I am pleased to see Renfrewshire Council being the first local authority in Scotland to recognise the International Fair Trade Charter, a document that enshrines the common vision and fundamental values of the Fair Trade movement to put us on the path to realising the sustainable development goals."
Leading the celebration are members of the World Fair Trade Organizations (WFTO) that have pioneered Fair Trade for more than five decades.
(5) Maurice Roche has connected mega events as phenomenon to "a temporal world view framed in terms of 'progress,' the assumed responsibility to build a diffuse western 'civilization,' and the assumed capacity to do so by actively 'making history.'" (6) He has further suggested "megaevents are potentially memorable because they are a special kind of time-structuring institution in modernity." (7) Like Roche, I examine how time and modernity are negotiated by a mega event, but rather than looking for this time-shaping capacity in the scale and cyclical occurrence of events I examine one particular event--China's own world fair, Expo 2010 Shanghai China, or "Expo 2010."
"The clock is a direct memento of that trip made by our choir to the World Fair and we will treasure it but we will put it on show."
Abeylegesse was awarded with the Pierre de Coubertin World Fair Play Trophy for lending one of her rivals, Ethiopia's Meselech Melkamu, a spare pair of her spikes ahead of the 10,000m World Championships final in German capital of Berlin in 2009.
Parent Jeffery Wren, whose two children attend Holden Christian Academy, said: "I think it's a wonderful re-enactment of the world fair." Mr.
Kennedy's assassination, the World Fair was held in a time of turbulence that included American participation in the Vietnam War and an emerging counter-culture among the youth.
Louis World Fair. Meant to draw attention to Birmingham's rich cache of raw materials used in the making of iron and steel, the statue was cast in 21 pieces by Birmingham Steel and Iron Company.
Huddersfield businesses have been doing their bit with an event to mark World Fair Trade Day.
World Fair Trade Day started as a European movement of over 2,000 World Shops, working together through NEWS!
Bellydance first appeared in America on the exotic shores of take Michigan for the 1893 Chicago World Fair. The fair was celebrating 400 years since Columbus had allegedly "discovered the New World" and indexed the "progress" made since then.
Toll Brothers' vice chairman Bruce Toll will pay $25.2 million to acquire a 2.5-acre lot in Atlantic City, N.J., that was the site of Donald Trump's World Fair boardwalk casino hotel.

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