Wrangel Island

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Wrangel Island


Wrangell Island

(răng`gəl), Rus. Ostrov Vrangelya, island, 1,740 sq mi (4,507 sq km), in the Arctic Ocean, between the East Siberian Sea and the Chukchi Sea, off NE Russia. It is separated from the mainland by Long Strait. Generally barren, frozen, and rocky, it has an arctic station and a permanent settlement. The island is a breeding ground for polar bears, polar foxes, seals, and lemmings. During the summer it is visited by numerous varieties of birds.

The island was sought by Russian Baron Ferdinand von WrangelWrangel, Wrangell, or Vrangel, Baron Ferdinand Petrovich von
, 1796–1870, Russian naval officer, arctic explorer, and government administrator.
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 during his arctic expedition of 1820–24; he had heard of it from Siberian natives, but he did not succeed in finding it. It was finally discovered by Thomas Long, captain of an American whaling ship, who named it for Wrangel. Later George W. De LongDe Long, George Washington
, 1844–81, American arctic explorer, b. New York City, grad. Annapolis, 1865. In 1873 he was assigned to the Juniata, which was sent to the arctic to search for C. F. Hall's expedition on the Polaris.
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, an American explorer, discovered that it was a small island and not a part of the mainland, as at first believed.

In 1911 a group of Russians made a landing on the island, and in 1921 Vilhjalmur StefanssonStefansson, Vilhjalmur
, 1879–1962, Arctic explorer, b. Canada, of Icelandic parents, educated at the Univ. of North Dakota, the State Univ. of Iowa, and Harvard. He led several expeditions of exploration and of ethnological and archaeological investigation in the Arctic.
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, the Canadian explorer, sent a small party to Wrangel with a view to claiming it for Great Britain. In 1926 the Soviet government established the first permanent colony there, ousting the few of Stefansson's Eskimo settlers who had remained. The Soviet freighter Chelyuskin, trying to discover (1933) whether an ordinary cargo ship could navigate the Northeast PassageNortheast Passage,
water route along the northern coast of Europe and Asia, between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Beginning in the 15th cent., efforts were made to find a new all-water route to India and China.
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, was crushed in the ice off Wrangel Island. The party was marooned on the island but was later rescued.

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Wrangel Island

an island in the Arctic Ocean, off the coast of the extreme NE of Russia: administratively part of Russia; mountainous and mostly tundra. Area: about 7300 sq. km (2800 sq. miles)
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For example, when conditions are unfavorable for concentrating prey near Point Barrow, they may be favorable near Wrangel Island or the Chukotka coast.
Area N (%) E (%) S (%) W (%) Number A 6 90 2 2 49 B 0 91 9 0 32 C 10 33 27 30 67 D 12 65 3 20 252 E 11 56 25 8 61 F 16 74 5 5 19 G 4 58 37 1 77 Total 10 63 13 14 557 Northward migration occurred in all areas except B, and it is notable that even in area A (north of Wrangel Island), some tracks (6%, or 3 echoes) moved northward (Fig.
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Most of the snow geese that hunters chase in the Pacific Flyway nest in the western and central Arctic or Wrangel Island. Last fall's population estimate of 863,800 was down 4 percent from the previous year, but the population rose about 8 percent per year from 2001-'09.
Polar bear dens on Wrangel Island (Uspenski and Kistchinski, 1972) had comparable chamber height (80 cm), length (165 cm), and width (140cm) measurements.
In addition, belugas harvested in the Mackenzie Delta actually spend most of each year out in the Beaufort Sea and the Queen Elizabeth Islands (Wagemann et al., 1996; DFO, 2000), and they have been tracked as far west as Wrangel Island (P.
Kochnev remembers the damage caused by Soviet missile defense personnel previously stationed on the east Arctic's Wrangel Island.
"Moscow announced in 2014 that the Arctic was a strategic priority for its military.Kochnev in 2015 wrote an emotional blog post after a bear near a military construction site on Wrangel island swallowed an explosive flare.
Scientists were stunned to find fossils that were only 5,000 years old on Russia's Wrangel Island. In Europe, they died out 10,000 years ago.
Most mammoths disappeared with the ice age around 10,000 years ago, but a small population of about 1,000 mammoth lived on the remote Wrangel Island in the Arctic until about 4,000 years ago.