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(Russian vreditel’stvo), according to Soviet criminal law a particularly serious crime against the state, involving an act of commission or omission directed toward the subversion of industry, transportation, agriculture, the monetary system, trade, or other branches of the national economy of the USSR, as well as activities on the part of state agencies or public organizations aimed at weakening the Soviet state, if such acts of commission or omission were accomplished through the use of state or public institutions, enterprises, or organizations, or through interference with their normal work. A necessary condition of prosecution for wrecking is the presence in the actions of the accused of the specific aim of weakening the Soviet state. Wrecking is punishable by deprivation of freedom for a term of eight to 15 years, together with confiscation of property and exile for a period of two to five years, or without exile (Criminal Code of the RSFSR, art. 69).



The act of demolishing or razing a structure.
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Drew Lammers of King Wrecking in Cincinnati uses an example of a 15-story building being demolished while flanked by 10-story buildings to illustrate the importance of control.
the wrecking ball is not being used as much may be simple economics.
It takes much more experience to control the wrecking using a crane and ball.
The cars had been stripped of tires, oil, gasoline and other fluids in preparation to be compressed and turned into scrap metal, said a man who identified himself as the wrecking yard owner but declined to give his last name.
Building the Wrecking Ball,'' first broadcast last December in shortened form, is an inside view of the normally veiled recording process.
Throughout the 19th Century there are records every five to 10 years of multiple wreckings.