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(Russian vreditel’stvo), according to Soviet criminal law a particularly serious crime against the state, involving an act of commission or omission directed toward the subversion of industry, transportation, agriculture, the monetary system, trade, or other branches of the national economy of the USSR, as well as activities on the part of state agencies or public organizations aimed at weakening the Soviet state, if such acts of commission or omission were accomplished through the use of state or public institutions, enterprises, or organizations, or through interference with their normal work. A necessary condition of prosecution for wrecking is the presence in the actions of the accused of the specific aim of weakening the Soviet state. Wrecking is punishable by deprivation of freedom for a term of eight to 15 years, together with confiscation of property and exile for a period of two to five years, or without exile (Criminal Code of the RSFSR, art. 69).


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The act of demolishing or razing a structure.
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And at least two instrumental hits ("Surfer's Stop" and "Let's Go"), credited to acts who were pictured on album covers and eventually sent out to perform on tom; actually were recorded by uncredited Wrecking Crew artists.
Jostad says he sees very few buildings being taken down with the wrecking ball anymore, in part because "cities won't let you swing the ball any more; it is a violation of permit." When a wrecking ball is used, it is usually just dropped to break up concrete floors.
"It takes much more experience to control the wrecking using a crane and ball." Indeed, Lammers is of the opinion that the ball and crane are being phased out, and may even be banned altogether one day.
The cars had been stripped of tires, oil, gasoline and other fluids in preparation to be compressed and turned into scrap metal, said a man who identified himself as the wrecking yard owner but declined to give his last name.
By the looks of it, Chris came in like a wrecking ball and nailed it.
As Athens Auto Wrecking (AAW), based in Hull, Ga., has grown, so has its relationship with Sierra International Machinery, Bakersfield, Calif., which provides equipment, reliable support and quick service, allowing AAW to remain efficient and profitable.
"What we did was not symbolized by the wrecking ball," says Costello.
Isaah Arda, Paolo Publico and Israel Encina each chipped in 10 points for the Wrecking Balls, who also beat the Troopers, 25-15, 22-25, 25-21, 25-23, in their elimination game face-off last July 16.
Demolition companies such as Yannuzzi & Sons, South Orange, NJ., and Mazzocchi Wrecking, East Hanover, NJ., contributed equipment and operators to the rescue effort.
A naked Miley Cyrus swinging atop a wrecking ball, in a music video for her song of the same title, would probably go down as one of the most memorable images in pop culture-much to Miley's dismay.