Wrecking ball

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wrecking ball

[′rek·iŋ ‚bȯl]
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Wrecking ball

A heavy ball of concrete suspended from the boom of a crane and swung against or dropped on a structure to demolish it. They vary in weight, averaging several tons.
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wrecking ball, skull cracker

A heavy steel ball used in structural demolition; usually swung or dropped from a crane or derrick.
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"At least this time it's not a sledge hammer," she captioned the post, referencing her popular "Wrecking Ball" music video in which she swings on a wrecking ball naked and licks a sledgehammer.
The Wrecking Ball singer, 26, wrotede in honor of this very special day."
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BEWARE of the Tory wrecking ball, it's bigger and more powerful than the first one they used in 2010 to 2015.
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