Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

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Wright-Patterson Air Force Base,

U.S. military installation, 8,023 acres (3,247 hectares), W Ohio, NE of Dayton; est. 1917. One of the largest airport installations in the world, it is the air force's main research and development base, and the headquarters of the Air Force Logistics Command (national center for defense activities). The Aerospace Medical Laboratory and the Air Force Museum are also on the base.
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As the Flying Fortress lifted off the runway at Wright Field, Ohio, it began a steep climb before stalling and crashing to the ground, killing both pilots and injuring the rest of the aircrew.
John Rick of South Linden Street, arrived home for a six-day vacation from their duties at Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio ...
They were flying back to Wright Field in mid August 1945 when they received word over the radio that Japan had surrendered ending World War II.
COTTAGE GROVE - More than 5,500 utility customers lost electrical service mid-afternoon Saturday possibly caused by an airplane near Jim Wright Field, also known the Cottage Grove State Airport, that have clipped a transmission line.
Two handmade prototypes were delivered for testing at Wright Field, Ohio.
at Wright Field, weather permitting; a 5K road race with a 10:30 a.m.
On 30 October 1935, the Air Corps wheeled out the prototype of Boeing's B-17 Flying Fortress at Wright Field, Ohio, for a demonstration flight.
Diercks, a contract negotiator in the F-22 Raptor systems program office at Wright-Patterson, trains on base at the Wright Field Fitness Center and Dodge Gym.
She served as a test pilot at Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio, flying the first U.S.
On arrival there I found a battery of engineering experts from Wright Field who explained to me that the idea was impracticable.

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