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We searched his room and found the sunglasses and wristwatches hidden in a black bag; he instantly admitted that they were stolen from luggage," the corporal testified to prosecutors.
The finest new wristwatches can sometimes cost more than some ultra-rare classic antique examples.
Ltd., one of the world's largest makers of wristwatches, today (Saturday, October 03, 2009) opened its first dedicated showroom in the UAE located on the 1st floor of Lamcy Plaza in Dubai.
The letter says: "There is no evidence wristwatches spread infection."
But in a letter to the British Medical Journal two medics said banning wristwatches for doctors was potentially dangerous.
Higher functioning wristwatches compatible with Microsoft Corp.'s new MSN Direct wireless information service are now making it into stores.
When Seiko Epson becomes more independent of the Seiko group following its listing on the TSE, it may discontinue the commissioned production of wristwatches for Seiko, industry sources said.
All the wristwatches, including Rolexes, are certified genuine and are priced between about 200,000 yen and 500,000 yen, according to the sources.
They also make self-illuminating sights for archers, durable reflex sights that combine red dot and laser aiming points, and illuminated analog wristwatches.
Nixon and Khrushchev traded barbs about color television sets, wristwatches, and rockets during the famous "kitchen debate" at the 1959 U.S.
The trickiest situations involve not software but integrated-circuit chips built into a wide variety of products, ranging from thermostats and valves to wristwatches and pacemaker monitors.
The decor often included such props as chairs, flowers, wristwatches, pens, radios, and a curtain in the background.