Writer's Cramp

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Writer’s Cramp


(writer’s palsy, writer’s spasm, graphospasm), a disturbance of the writing function that occurs even though the muscles of the hand remain fully capable of performing other movements. Writer’s cramp is observed in neuroses and organic diseases of the nervous system and is often a manifestation of occupational pathology. It is characterized by dystonia, an uneven tone in the muscles used in writing. Certain muscles experience a spasm (tonic tension); pain spreads through the entire arm, neck, and face, the fingers holding the pen assume an unnatural position, and writing becomes impossible. There are various clinical forms of writer’s cramp: convulsive, algetic, trembling, and paralytic; most often these occur in combination in patients with a history of neurotic symptoms. In treatment the patient is advised to temporarily stop writing and is prescribed tranquilizers, B-complex vitamins, and exercise, massage, baths, and other physiotherapeutic procedures.


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Writer's cramp is a poorly understood condition that results in spasm of the hand and forearm muscles when trying to write - sufferers tend to grip the pen too tightly and try and push it through the paper making writing impossible.
But doctors have also found that tiny doses of it can help cure everything from squints to writer's cramp and voice problems.
We have farmer's lung, tennis elbow, jogger's nipple, athlete's foot, bird fancier's lung, waiter's palsy, writer's cramp, dowager's hump, yuppie flu and many others.
Such is the Khan commercial phenomenon that the major threat to his inexorable progress is probably writer's cramp from signing 20,000 copies of his book.
After a lengthy spell on the sidelines with writer's cramp I am now back to full fitness and ready to write about the Kings of Fife again.
Just press the top of the pen against your neck or shoulders and it vibrates away the aches in a very soothing way - especially good for writer's cramp.
Doctors now believe it could have other uses including treating paralysis after a stroke, migraine, back pain, writer's cramp and muscle spasm.
The Manchester United striker is to pen not one, but five books and will be paid a whopping pounds 5million for risking writer's cramp.
MEANWHILE over on ITV in Emmerdale, Kelly (Adele Silva) left so many suicide notes that she will surely have to be treated for writer's cramp as well as a drugs overdose.