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1. a teacher, usually instructing individual pupils and often engaged privately
2. (at universities, colleges, etc.) a member of staff responsible for the teaching and supervision of a certain number of students
3. Scots law the guardian of a pupil


A Scripting language on PLATO systems from CDC.

["The TUTOR Language", Bruce Sherwood, Control Data, 1977].
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More recently, writing center scholars have turned their attention to publishing texts that teach undergraduates and novice writing center researchers how to conduct research in writing studies, such as Fitzgerald & Ianetta's (2016) Oxford Guide for Writing Tutors, Kinkead's (2016) Researching Writing: An Introduction to Research Methods, and Jackie Grutsch McKinney's (2016) Strategies for Writing Center Research.
A writing tutor has the opportunity to be one of the very few allowed to see the student's paper while it is in progress, and we all know how wasted that privilege would be if all the tutor does is fill the time offering corrections in the same manner some instructors often do when marking a paper for a grade.
In-class collaborations allow students, teachers, and writing tutors to metacognitively explore the dialectical process where all three participate, negotiate, argue, critique and praise together.
For example, Fitzgerald and lanetta include Natalie DeCheck's article "The Power of Common Interest for Motivating Writing: A Case Study," written while DeCheck was an undergraduate writing tutor and originally published in Young Scholars in Writing.
Though he did not have experience as a writing tutor, his strong commitment to teaching and undergraduate learning positioned him well as one of four student-athlete writing tutors.
Angela Laflen offers helpful advice about making professional documents more persuasive to prospective employers, although her suggestions are for anyone writing a resume, not specifically for writing tutors.
Martin's Sourcebook for Writing Tutors (2011), an anthology of research on writing tutoring.
As writing tutors, we can encourage students to explore their experiences on paper as a way of self-discovery and healing.
Eberly Writing Center at Dickinson College has become a Multilingual Writing Center (MWC) where students writing not only in English but also Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish seek the assistance of trained writing tutors who are international students (both visiting and matriculated) and U.
In this edited version of her keynote address for the 2012 IWCA conference, Lauren Fitzgerald contends that the prevalence of undergraduate research by writing tutors presents us with unique insights into several distinctive features of our field that have not been examined in tandem before.
In 2015, our team of writing center administrators from five campuses at Arizona State University realized that some of our ongoing tutor education practices needed to be revised to prompt our peer writing tutors to think more critically and personally about writing center principles and practices.