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writing system

(human language, character)
The set of glyphs used for representing a given human language in written form, generally along with their conventions for use.

Writing System


the aggregate of the means of written communication, which include the graphic system, alphabet, and orthography of a single language or of a group of languages having a single form of writing or a single alphabet. In this sense, one can speak of Russian, English, Arabic, and other writing systems. Each writing system possesses its own system of graphemes used in various graphic combinations and in ortho-grams. These elements can be utilized for stylistic purposes or to emphasize parts of an utterance. A writing system must be distinguished from a written language, which is not simply speech recorded in writing but usually has specific lexical, semantic, and grammatical features distinguishing it from the spoken language.

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This study sought to compare the results of a 1985 study by Roscoe, Krug, and Schmidt, who surveyed high school students and their use of written forms of self-expression, with university undergraduates and graduate students in 2016.
The modification regarding the written form of the individual work contract entails the nullity of the contract if parties fail to conclude it in written.
Journalism (the press) is a written form of speech.
Any questions which cannot be dealt with during public question time, either because of a lack of time or because of the non-attendance of the member to whom it was due to be put, will receive and answer in written form.
Gupta said his party had given support to the UML in written form as the UML had also expressed commitment to Madhesh demands in written form.
More than half the endangered tongues have no written form, says Harrison, and are "vulnerable to loss and being forgotten.
By contrast, the day is far more firmly linked in the popular Christian mind with the institution of the Eucharist, and this latter theme is featured both in the reading from 1 Corinthians 11, which contains what is probably the earliest written form of the Verba, and in the reading from Exodus 12, in which the Passover meal is instituted "as a perpetual ordinance" (v.
Questions and comments can be submitted via the internet, on cards to be provided at the event, or in written form by mail to: LNG Forums, Attn: Bob Corbin, 955 L'Enfant Plaza North, S.
The intended learning outcomes and the stages of a session have to be as explicit as possible, ideally presented both verbally and in written form at the beginning of a session, as dyslexics particularly benefit from an overview (Green, 2003).
The decision, which comes after four months of deliberations, will be given in written form on or before 21 February.
We are often judged, whether fairly or unfairly, on our proficiency to inform, explain, persuade or promote our program either verbally or in written form.