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Wu-ti (wo͞o dē), posthumous temple name of the 5th emperor (140 B.C.–87 B.C.) of the Han dynasty. Wu-ti [Chin.,=martial emperor] ruled directly through a palace secretariat. During his vigorous reign he incorporated the native states of S China into the empire, drove the nomadic Hsiung-nu out of the Ordos region on the northern frontier, and extended Chinese rule to the Tarim basin of Central Asia (modern Xinjiang). Wu-ti was the first Chinese monarch to extend court patronage to Confucianism, although contemporary Confucian scholars emphasized cosmology and ritual rather than ethics.
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Born 156 B.C.; died 87 B.C. Chinese emperor (140–87 B.C.) of the Western Han Dynasty.

Wu-ti’s reign was marked by consolidation of imperial power. In 127 B.C. a decree was issued concerning the division of the nobility’s landholdings among heirs. Wu-ti divided the country into 14 districts and sent inspectors into the districts to maintain control over the local rulers. He also introduced a system of state examinations for filling administrative posts. During his reign Confucianism was finally adopted as the official ideology. Wu-ti waged wars of conquest for more than 40 years against states located in the territories of modern Korea, Vietnam, and Mongolia. The wars significantly extended the empire’s borders, but they also weakened China and profoundly worsened the condition of the laboring masses.

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