Wulff, Hilmar

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Wulff, Hilmar


Born Mar. 5, 1908, in Randers. Danish writer. Communist.

Wulff took part in the resistance movement during the occupation in Denmark (1940-45); later he fled to Sweden, where he edited the newspaper Nyt fra Soviet Unionen. Wulff wrote the novels Like Weather in April (1942), Such Things Really Do Happen (1943), and Song of Labor (1945), which compose a trilogy devoted to the everyday life of Danish workers. The novels Bad Weather (1950; Russian translation, 1962), … But First of All Comes Bread (1958), and Questing Youth (1959) give realistic pictures of presentday Denmark. The novella The Sunny Vagabond (1953; Russian translation, 1960) is devoted to the life of simple people, and the novel Road to Life (1961) deals with the class struggle of Polish and Danish farm workers. Wulff is a participant in the struggle for peace.


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