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or Wulfila
[Gothic,=little wolf], c.311–383, Gothic bishop, translator of the Bible into Gothic. He was converted to Christianity at Constantinople and was consecrated bishop (341) by the Arian bishop Eusebius of Nicomedia.
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Lars Munkhammar studies Wulfila, Codex Argenteus, and the Gothic alphabet.
It is, in fact, to Britain that Romulus and his crew, pursued by Wulfila, go, and the film throws in Hadrian's Wall, Excalibur, a new villain and wizardry into the mix.
37), but the form in which it has come down to us is hardly close to speech, and the extent to which Wulfila created his orthography along the principle of biuniqueness is open to considerable debate in the light of the manuscript tradition and dialect disparity.
Wulfila Gronenberg and Helmut Schmitz, "Afferent Projections of Infrared-Sensitive Sensilla in the Beetle Melanophila Acuminata (Coleoptera: Buprestidae)," Cell Tissue Research 297, no.
Let us imagine that you are living a very long time ago, in the times of the Goths, for example, when Wulfila wrote his translation into Swedish.