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, confederation of four Native North American groups who spoke the Wyandot language, which belongs to the Iroquoian branch of the Hokan-Siouan linguistic stock (see Native American languages).
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Biological and water quality study of the Blanchard River and selected tributaries 2005: Putnam, Hancock, Seneca, Allen, Wyandot, and Hardin counties, OH.
Created by Pierre Potier and his Wyandot informants, the census provides the clan identity of a large segment of the community.
Wyandot Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, Kansas City KS, http://Kansasdar.
In the Wyandot story, seven boys played and danced under a tree.
3) Sources in discourse adverbials Mohawk tah non:we' 'moreover, so now, now then' Oneida ok+ale' 'just' + 'again' Onondaga ohni' 'also' Cayuga hni' 'also' Seneca khoh 'too' Wyandot thu + di' 'there' + 'also' Cherokee ale' 'again'
Since the Wyandot tribe had long since assimilated as full citizens a number of freed Blacks and escaped slaves, they opposed slavery.
By the time war was declared, he had offered his services to King George III and assembled a force of more than a thousand, including warriors from the Fox, Kickapoo, Delaware, Sauk, and Wyandot tribes.
Tankersley & Redmond (2005) noted that the late Pleistocene/Early Holocene Sheriden Cave archaeological site in Wyandot County, Ohio contained thousands of faunal fragments including P.
The early settlers traded with Wyandot and Shawanee Indians.
coli 0157:H7 cases associated with the Wyandot County Fair in Ohio in September 2001; and the largest E.
In my high school class in Ohio history, for example, I learned matter-of-factly how the Shawnee, Wyandot, and Erie tribes disappeared when Mad Anthony Wayne killed them off to clear the way for "settlers" to move west.