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, confederation of four Native North American groups who spoke the Wyandot language, which belongs to the Iroquoian branch of the Hokan-Siouan linguistic stock (see Native American languages).
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Eventually, the Wyandots laid claim to most of what is now Ohio.
At the heart of Steckley's work is a 1747 census of those Wyandots who had settled at Detroit (other Wyandots had moved east to Jeune-Lorette near Quebec and are not addressed in this study).
In September of 1805, some Wyandots sent a message to the Delaware chief Pachgantschihilas to ask Beata to come help them find out why a poison had killed "all good men and children.
at 445 (1844) (stating the report of Subagent to Wyandots that
Le clan de la tortue chez les Wyandots (Hurons), par exemple, serait devenu si grand qu'il se serait subdivise en plusieurs clans prenant chacun le nom d'une espece de tortue (Tooker 1970 : 93-94).
Love, John Stewart: Missionary to the Wyandots (New York: Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church, n.
Soldiers of the 60th Royal American, 42nd Foot and 77th Foot regiments by an unknown number of Delawares, Shawnees, Mingos and Wyandots (Hurons).
For example, though he ably describes the efforts of Ohio Wyandots to fend off removal, he fails to convince this reader that they did so by using "the language of settlement" (95).
Five days after the battle, Harrison recommended that clemency be granted to the Ottawas and Wyandots.
Congress, Report to the Senate on the Six Nations, the Wyandots, and Others, 1st Cong.
13) At the same time, groups elsewhere such as the Creeks, Cherokees, and Wyandots came into existence only after diseases and persistent enemy attacks made the integration of allied groups a necessity.
The Wyandots claimed the right to buy alcohol as U.