Wyandotte Cave

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Wyandotte Cave,

one of the largest natural caverns in the United States, S Ind., W of New Albany; discovered in 1798. There are 23 mi (37 km) of passages and several large and beautiful chambers on five levels. Saltpeter was mined there until the middle of the 19th cent.
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Visitors are drawn to Marengo and Wyandotte caves, Patoka Lake, Blue River, Carnes Mill Nature Preserve, Harrison-Crawford State Forest, Hemlock Cliffs and Hoosier National Forest.
Chlorpyrifos was also detected in all six dead Indiana myotis found during the USF&W Service biennial mid-winter hibernacula surveys in Ray's and Wyandotte Caves, both important Indiana myotis hibernacula.
Chlorpyrifos (OP) was also detected in every Indiana myotis carcass and guano sample from Ray's Cave and Wyandotte Cave, both important Indiana myotis hibernacula (Table 2).
Nestled in the hills of the Harrison-Crawford State Forest, Wyandotte Caves have fascinated visitors for more than 150 years.
Increases at Ray's and Wyandotte caves were largely responsible for the observed increase; but newly discovered hibernacula, most notably Jug Hole Cave (19,240 bats in 2003), contributed to the increase.
Nestled in the hills of the Harrison-Crowford State Forest, Wyandotte Caves have fascinated visitors for more than 150 years.
Myotis lucifugus was the most common bat at Copperhead, Zenas, Donnehues and Wyandotte Caves. However, M.
William Crawford, also is home to abundant natural attractions--parts of the Hoosier National Forest, Patoka Lake Recreation Area and Harrison-Crawford State Forest, as well as Marengo and Wyandotte caves and the Blue River, a favorite canoeing spot.
Home to the Hoosier National Forest, part of Patoka Lake and Marengo and Wyandotte caves, Crawford County draws its share of visitors.
Just south of Marengo is Wyandotte Caves, the third oldest commercial caverns in the country.
Besides the facilities at Patoka Lake, there's French Lick Springs Resort, Holiday World at Santa Claus, the Lincoln Boyhood Memorial, farm and outdoor drama at Lincoln City and the Lincoln Village at Rockport, Squire Boone Caverns near Corydon, Marengo Cave, Wyandotte Caves at Leavenworth, Paoli Peaks ski slopes, the Capitol Historic Site at Corydon, an exotic animal zoo at English, the Indiana Railway Museum and train trip at French Lick, St.
People spend an afternoon there and their kids love it." Wyandotte Caves also is down near Clarksville as is Holiday World, which appeals to smaller children.