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The purpose of this study was to explore state park visitor attitudes and knowledge concerning LNT practices in three Wyoming state parks to determine factors that significantly influenced their behavioral intent to practice LNT.
The Wyoming State Parks, Historic Sites and Trails Agency manages 30 state parks and historic sites, which are primarily frontcountry areas.
The fifth principle of LNT, "Minimize Campfire Impacts," was not included because fires are not allowed at all Wyoming state parks and historic sites.
Despite the fact that three different types of state parks were included in this study, the finding of no substantive differences among the park visitors suggests that a single, consistent LNT-based educational effort could be implemented by the Wyoming State Parks, Historic Sites and Trails Agency.
Furthermore, results from this study indicate the need for a more targeted examination of the potential effectiveness of a uniform approach to LNT education for a park system such as Wyoming State Parks, Historic Sites and Trails.
"Leisure Interactive and Hercules were selected because they offered a flexible solution that could be tailored to our specific needs and deployed quickly," said Julie Huntley, Concession & Revenue Manager, Wyoming State Parks. "SaaS, means we always have the latest version of the software without the expense or hassle of maintaining servers and software, or requiring specially trained IT and support staff.
The Wyoming State Parks mission is to contribute to the quality of life of Wyoming through a combination of preservation, education outreach, planning and construction by providing opportunities to learn about and enjoy the state's arts, parks, and history.
The move comes in response to evolving consumer expectations and the desire to deliver a new level of customer service for Wyoming State Park visitors.
The new system is designed to improve the guest experience before, during and after the visit to a Wyoming State Park. Campers can reserve campsites and purchase permits online by visiting

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