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In collaboration with Brookhaven National Laboratory, Sydor will develop and commercialize a transparent X-ray camera to provide scientists with fine details that were not previously available.
It delivers a three-dimensional image created by combining hundreds of scans taken by an X-ray camera spinning around the conveyor belt that enables TSA officers to clearly view the contents of a carry-on bag.
The combination of an X-ray camera with a flexible, optical camera system is said to be the only technology at present that reliably detects contamination on the surface as well as inside of pellets.
The X-ray camera on Swift, built by a team from University of Leicester, helped the astronomers discover one of the most luminous white dwarf eruptions ever seen by humans.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- NASA's first wide-field soft X-ray camera, which incorporated a never-before-flown focusing technology when it debuted in late 2012, is a gift that keeps giving.
Currently, most patients presenting with angina end up having an angiogram, in which thin plastic tubes are passed from an artery in the wrist to the heart so that dye can be injected down the coronary arteries under an X-ray camera.
Further developments need to be done, for example, to characterize the different materials that are identified by the X-ray camera. This knowledge would be especially useful in order to provide more information to the staff running the production line where contamination might enter into the production process.
In addition to efficient mechanical cameras, XCAM also developed a new type of X-ray camera that produced better images for terrestrial applications, with smaller pixels at higher resolution.
An X-ray camera is used to guide doctors in positioning the catheter in the heart artery where the stent was placed.
For example, digital X-ray camera SCAN300TDI, made by company AJAT Oy [1], placed across the conveyor apron, may collect image lines with resolution 0.1 mm and maximum conveyor speed of 50 cm/s.
Experts from Aberystwyth University have contributed a sophisticated X-ray camera - due to play an integral part of the maiden voyage.