cross bracing

1. Any system of bracing in which the diagonals intersect; also called X-bracing.
2. Horizontal timbering which extends across an excavation so as to support a cofferdam or sheathing.
3. Braces that cross from one column to the next to increase the load-bearing capacity of the combination.
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Mdeod Road (Squalicum High School), $400,000 for educational: replacement of existing skyroof translucent panels: new flashing and sheet metal work: installation of new structural x-bracing and purlins.
In this study, the effect of X-bracing configuration on earthquake-resistant and cost-effective steel building design is investigated by considering displacement based structural design procedure.
The effect of X-bracing configuration is investigated on a five storey concentrically X-braced steel office building.
On the other hand, there are five groups of HEB profile columns corresponding to each design case which are given for a particular X-bracing configuration in Tables 2, 3 and 4.
The pushover curves of the six design cases for each X-bracing configuration are given in Fig.
The building features a belted steel frame with X-bracing in selected bays.
All Revival Series guitars are handmade in the Breedlove shop in Bend, Oregon, and feature "pre-war" scalloped X-bracing, a modified "V" neck carve and an antique, hand-rubbed, semi-gloss finish.
On pages 157-60, Dr Gura covers Bini's patent on X-bracing of a pattern slightly different from Martin's and makes the statement, 'Interestingly, Bini nowhere mentions the reason usually given for X-bracing's popularity on Martin's instruments--that it strengthened the sounding board enough for one to use steel strings (which require more tension to bring them to pitch).
His buildings make extensive use of triangular bracing to form X-bracing.
LodeRail requires no X-bracing, building ties or kickers for configuration.
Most framers install X-bracing ([ILLUSTRATION FOR PHOTO OMITTED], page 177) using 16 gauge, 3-inch flat strapping material.