X-ray Clairvoyance

X-ray Clairvoyance

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

X-ray clairvoyance is clairvoyance that allows the medium to see inside things such as locked boxes, sealed envelopes, safes, or the human body. Natalia Demkina, a seventeen-year-old from Saransk, Russia, demonstrates excellent X-ray clairvoyance. In early 2004, she appeared on the British television program “This Morning.” Faced with four complete strangers, she described their medical conditions in accurate detail, including the fact that one of them had only one kidney. Of another, Natalia said there had been surgery on the spleen—the woman showed the scar. Of a third, Natalia said, “There is damage to three areas of the spine. The major problem is where the chest part of the spine meets the waist part. Something is probably inserted there. It is something traumatic.” The woman agreed, saying there were “metal rods in my back for many years. They were taken out but there was a broken screw which remained there. It was not removed because it would have caused damage.” Of the last person, Natalia said that there was a right shoulder problem. The woman explained, “I smashed my shoulder into twelve pieces.”

Natalia said, “It is like having double vision. I can switch from one to the other in no time. If I need to know a person’s health problem, I see an entire human organism.” Not knowing medical terms, she will often draw rough sketches of the human body and pinpoint problems. In Russia, she was shown a female patient in a hospital in Saransk. The doctor said, “The child had many ailments. Natalia diagnosed all of them.”

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle reported that a doctor he met in Australia could walk along a street and diagnose the man who walked in front of him. He could see the relationships of the organs and note whether or not they were functioning correctly.

Many mediums, although unable to see inside the human body, are able to read messages sealed in envelopes and describe objects packaged in boxes. Nandor Fodor said, “X-Ray clairvoyance is a frequently observed manifestation of the power. There are many cases on record in which sealed letters were read when the contents were totally unknown to the experimenter or were couched in a language of which the seer was ignorant. The clairvoyant often has to handle the envelope but not necessarily; in pellet reading (or billet reading) the pellets may or may not betouched at all, they may even be burnt and the contents be revealed thereafter.”


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