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Larrabee will include many cores and combine processing capabilities of graphics processing units with the x86 architecture, improving application and graphics performance.
Nvidia may develop an integrated x86-based chip for use in low-cost computers, an Nvidia executive said this week, a move that would step up its rivalry with Intel.<p>Nvidia is considering developing an integrated chip based on the x86 architecture for use in devices such as netbooks and mobile Internet devices (MIDs), said Michael Hara, vice president of investor relations at Nvidia, during a speech that was webcast from the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference on Tuesday.
He noted that the number of ARM processors sold has outstripped those based on the x86 architecture, though much of that is because ARM chips appear in mobile devices.
There is more software available worldwide for the x86 architecture than any other.
Contract notice: Provision of server x86 architecture, related accessories and services
As a Yocto Project compatible product, MentorA Embedded Linux will now bring standardized features and tools, and ensure quick access to the latest Board Support Packages (BSPs) for AMD 64-bit x86 architecture beginning with the upcoming AMD Embedded G-Series system-on-a-chip (SoC) (codenamed: Steppe Eagle ) and AMD Embedded R-Series APU/CPU (codenamed: Bald Eagle ).
By extending HP NonStop capabilities to an x86 architecture, organizations can receive greater reliability and performance while simplifying management and increasing operational efficiencies.
More Chinese clients are choosing IBM's Power Systems for these workloads instead of commodity x86 hardware due to the POWER processor's ability to handle up to twice as many tasks at the same time compared to x86 architecture and the capacity to run more unique workloads on each server as well as the high availability and advanced security features provided on Power Systems.
With decades of design experience in x86 architecture, combined with quality-oriented global manufacturing capabilities to service the US, Canadian, LTAM, APAC and EMEA regions, AMAX is able to deliver the ultimate in flexibility for cutting-edge, cost-effective data center solutions designed around a no-compromise open architecture approach.
But unlike most supercomputers today, including virtually the entire TOP500 list, Astra isn't built around the x86 architecture. It shares that distinction with just 24 other systems on the existing TOP500, with the other 476 systems based on Intel or AMD hardware.
The lrz currently has x86 architecture 2- and 4-socket systems for this purpose.
"With a little change in core banking systems, KB Kookmin plans to study how to better fit IBM's x86 architecture servers into non-core banking systems for new business opportunities," the official said.