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(1) (EXtreme Dynamic Range) Apple's high-end desktop monitor. See Pro Display XDR.

(2) (EXternal Data Representation) A data format developed by Sun that is part of its networking standards. It deals with integer size, byte ordering, data representation, etc. and is used as an interchange format. Different systems convert data to XDR for sending and from XDR upon receipt.

(3) (XML-Data Reduced) An XML schema language from Microsoft prior to the W3C XML schema. XDR was a working schema in 1999 as part of Microsoft's BizTalk initiative. XDR supports data typing and XML namespaces. See XML schema and XML.

(4) (eXtended Detection and Response) Network protection that exceeds regular endpoint detection and response (EDR). XDR collects and analyzes data from multiple sources, including internal as well as external traffic. See behavior detection and SIEM.

(5) (EXtreme Data Rate) A dynamic RAM chip technology from Rambus, Inc. that is the successor to Rambus' RDRAM memory. Used in Sony's PlayStations 2 and 3 and various consumer electronics devices, the second generation XDR2 provides nearly 30 Gbytes/sec of bandwidth to a single device. See RDRAM.
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To better reflect what the eye can see in the real world, Pro Display XDR takes high dynamic range to a whole new extreme.
Responding to a question regarding actual base of eruption of XDR Typhoid virus in context with the research and reports that the virus first detected in Hyderabad, the Vice Chancellor dispelled the facts and informed that in Pakistan, the virus was first diagnosed in a patient at Karachi.
The Divisional Commissioner Hyderabad said that giving awareness to the people about XDR typhoid was a noble cause and every member of the society should play a vital role in this noble cause so that precious lives could be saved.
He said that on the first day of awareness week a walk will be arranged from Commissioner Office to Gymkhana Club Hyderabad while on the second day, awareness sessions will be organized in different government and private schools and colleges where doctors and health department staff will deliver lectures on health issues particularly XDR Typhoid.
The management of XDR TB in children is challenging because of the limited availability of new drugs and appropriate treatment regimens.
The Commissioner issued these directives while presiding over a meeting here at Shahbaz Hall regarding prevention of XDR Typhoid virus.
Sindh Minister for Health Dr Azra Fazal Pechuho said that the XDR typhoid has claimed four lives since its outbreak from Hyderabad in November 2016, which later spread to Karachi and other cities and towns of the province.
Typhi isolates are defined as MDR if they are resistant to chloramphenicol, ampicillin, and trimethoprimsulfamethoxazole, and as XDR if they are MDR, nonsusceptible to fluoroquinolones, and resistant to third-generation cephalosporins.
[USA], Nov 17 ( ANI ): In a recent study, researchers measured the burden of antibiotic resistance in low- or middle-income countries, and reported that in-hospital mortality is significantly higher among patients infected with multi-drug resistant (MDR) or extensively drug-resistant (XDR) pathogens.
National Institute of Child Health (NICH) HeadDr Jamal Raza said, XDR typhoid has become quite common now and we are getting around 30 cases of this disease every week and these stats represent only one hospital." The disease was initially diagnosed in Hyderabad and then it also spread in Karachi, the doctor further said.
It is indicative of Multi-Drug Resistance (MDR) and approaching Extreme Drug Resistance (XDR).
Another worrisome trend is the emergence of a subset of MDR-TB known as extensively drug-resistant (XDR)TB, which is resistant to at least 4 first- and second-line drugs for TB.