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Here we present a case of XLI with 1.7 Mb deletion at Xp22.31 which included the STS gene, as well as 5 other genes.
Of course, Super Bowl XLI is merely the latest and most vivid reminder of the need to enhance the brand, not just amuse the audience.
Sterling Planet Inc., a GS Carbon Corporation portfolio company, has partnered with the National Football League Environmental Program and Florida Power & Light Sunshine Energy program for business customers to make both Super Bowl XLI and the NFL Experience Football Theme Park 100% renewable energy events throughRenewable Energy Certificates (RECs) that indirectly offset greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with conventional electricity consumption.
DecoPac will also offer a Super Bowl XLI deli tray: a football-shaped tray with the Super Bowl XLI logo and an assortment of Super Bowl XLI Deli Pics.
NITON launched the XLi 800 and XLt 800 portable XRF alloy analyzers ...
Some errors intruded into Max Chamberlain's paper, `Tailing the Boer -- Australian Mobile Operations in the Boer War', in Sabretache, Vol XLI, No 3, September 2000:
In 1998, the equivalent Persona 1.6 XLi four-door cost pounds 11,899 with the five-door version tipping the scales at pounds 12,199.
But if Scaligerian dogmas were memorized by rote, if such memories were used from esteem (rather than intrinsic need), if his name had become a ready passe partout and the Poetics an unread source of citations, these testify to the influence being belittled - as do the gottlichen Scaliger topos common in the mid-seventeenth century (xlvi) and the textbooks Dietz supposes (xli, xlvii).
His first book of verse was Tulips and Chimneys (1923), followed by XLI Poems (1925) and & (1925).
To my comments on the first volume (JTS, NS, xli (199O), 720-22) I would add only two mild cavils concerning the Latin text.
The second index, the experimental leading index (XLI), forecasts the growth of the XCI over the next six months, scaled to provide annual rates.
His first volume, sixty - six poems, called Tulips and Chimneys (1923), was followed by fifteen others, including: XLI Poems (1925), ViVa (1931), 50 Poems (1940), 1 X 1 (1944), Ninety - five Poems (1958), and 73 Poems (1962).