XLR connector

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XLR connector

A plug and socket used in professional audio equipment, lighting controls (see DMX512) and other applications. It uses a balanced connection and locks into the socket. XLR connectors are twice the size of the standard RCA plugs and sockets found on consumer equipment. See analog stereo.

Hot Plugging
The ground channel on the socket is designed to make contact with the ground pin on the plug before the other pins make contact. This avoids external signals and momentary distortion when cables are plugged in and out in a live session.

The XLR name comes from a particular X connector from Cannon Electric, which was modified with a latch (the L) and a synthetic rubber compound (the R). See A/V ports, balun and plugs and sockets.

XLR3 Connector
Although XLR connectors can have from two to six pins, this 3-pin XLR plug and socket is typically found on quality equipment for analog audio signals. Looking at the socket (left), the rightmost pin is ground; the leftmost is hot, and the bottom one is neutral.
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The solution here is a modified Rycote "Modular Windshield Kit" with a short angled XLR connector at the mic end made by DPA.
The Merrill Audio ELEMENT PURE Tape Head Preamp is built with ultra-tight tolerance components, Silver plated Teflon sleeved wire, fully balanced inputs and outputs, custom XLR connectors with gold plated pins with Teflon body in metal housing is used.
It is also the first non-Reference Mark Levinson amplifier to be fully differential, providing both RCA and XLR connectors that accept balanced signals directly into the input stage.
According to the company, the MCR-100 Series comes with a stereo analogue output and an AES/EBU output (balanced, high quality audio on XLR connectors).