XML vocabulary

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XML vocabulary

A set of XML tags for a particular industry or business function. See XML, UBl, ebXML and XML schema.

XML Vocabularies

In 2003, Robin Cover, Managing Editor of "The Cover Pages," a website devoted to XML and SGML references and articles, compiled the following list of XML vocabularies. For more information, visit http://xml.coverpages.org.

The following list of more than 200 XML vocabularies shows the extent to which vendors and industry consortia embraced XML within five years of its introduction in 1998.

This was probably the most comprehensive list of XML vocabularies ever compiled when completed in 2003; however, it was not reproduced here to serve as the most up-to-date reference on the subject. It was intended to show you that, while XML has been touted as one of the most extraordinary standards in the information industry, it is only a format that takes on endless permutations. People all over the world had to agree upon the vocabularies they plan on using with each other to exchange information. The success of a vocabulary will be determined by the relevance and appropriate degree of granularity that has been defined for each transaction and process. The human world is flexible. The electronic world is not. In an electronic exchange of information, the software cannot ask "what did you really mean by that?"

ACORD (XML for the Insurance Industry)
aecXML Working Group (Architecture, Engineering and Construction)
AIML (Astronomical Instrument Markup Language)
Alexandria Digital Library Project
AML (Astronomical Markup Language)

ANZLIC (Australia New Zealand Land Information Council - Meta-data)
Apache XML Project
ATLAS (ATLA Serials Project)
BHTML (Broadcast Hypertext Markup Language)

BIOML (BIOpolymer Markup Language)
BIPS (Bank Internet Payment System)
BizTalk Framework
BML (Bean Markup Language)
BRML (Business Rules Markup Language)

BSML (Bioinformatic Sequence Markup Language)
Capability Card (An Attribute Certificate in XML)
CBL (Common Business Library)
CDF (Channel Definition Format)
CDIF (XML-Based Transfer Format)

CFML (Cold Fusion Markup Language)
Chemical Markup Language
Chinese XML Now!
CIM (DMTF Common Information Model)
Clinical Trial Data Model

COE (DII Common Operating Environment XML Registry)
Coins (Tightly Coupled JavaBeans and XML Elements)
CommerceNet Industry Initiative)
CPEX (Customer Profile Exchange Working Group)
CPL (Call Processing Language)

CPML (Call Policy Markup Language)
Customer Support Consortium
CWMI (OMG Common Warehouse Metadata Interchange Specification)
CxML (Commerce XML)
DASL (DAV Searching and Locating)

DCD (Document Content Description for XML)
DDI (The Data Documentation Initiative)
DDML (Document Definition Markup Language)
Digital Receipt Infrastructure Initiative

DOM (W3C Document Object Model)
DOMHASH (Digest Values for DOM)
DPRL (Digital Property Rights Language)
DRP (HTTP Distribution and Replication Protocol)
DSML (Directory Services Markup Language)

EAD (Encoded Archival Description)
ebXML (Electronic Business XML Initiative)
ECIX Electronic Component Information Exchange
ECIX Component Information Dictionary Standard (CIDS)
ECIX QuickData Specifications

ECIX Timing Diagram Markup Language (TDML)
ECMData (Electronic Component Manufacturer Data Sheet Inventory Spec)
eCo Framework Project and Working Group
eCo Interoperability Framework Specification
EDGARspace Portal

Extensible Protocol
FinXML (The Digital Language for Capital Markets)
FIXML (Markup Language for FIX Application Message Layer)
FLBC (Formal Language for Business Communication and KQML)
FpML (Financial Products Markup Language)

GedML (GEDCOM Genealogical Data in XML)
Georgia State University Electronic Court Filing Project
Graphic Communications Association (GCA 'Paper' DTD)
gXML (Guideline XML)
HR-XML Consortium

HRMML (Human Resource Management Markup Language)
HTML Threading (Use of HTML in Email)
iCalendar XML DTD
ICE (Information and Content Exchange)
IDML (International Development Markup Language)

IEEE Standard DTD
IFX (Interactive Financial Exchange)
IMS (Educom Instructional Management Systems Project)
InterX.org Initiative

ISO 12083 XML DTDs
Java Help API
JSML (Java Speech Markup Language)
JXML (Jigsaw XML Format)
KBML (The Koala Bean Markup Language)

LACITO (Linguistic Data Archiving Project)
Legal XML Working Group and UELP
LitML (A Liturgical Markup Language)
Mathematical Markup Language
MCF (Meta Content Framework Using XML)

Metadata Specification
MIX (Mediation of Information Using XML)
MoDL (Molecular Dynamics Markup Language)
Mortgage Bankers Association of America XML Workgroup
MOS-X (Media Object Server-XML)

NAA (Newspaper Assn. of America-Classified Ads Data 5.5)
Namespaces in XML
NewsML and IPTC2000
NFF (Notes Flat File Format)
NITF (News Industry Text Format)

NuDoc Technology
OAGIS (Open Applications Group)
Object Management Group XML/Value RFP
OCP (Open Catalog Protocol)
OCS (Open Content Syndication)

OFX/OFE (Open Financial Exchange)
OIM (MDC Open Information Model)
OMF (Weather Observation Definition Format)
Ontology and Conceptual Knowledge Markup Languages
Open eBook Initiative

OpenMath Standard
OpenMLS (Real Estate DTD Design
OpenTag Markup)
OSD (Open Software Description Format)
OSP (Open Settlement Protocol - ETSI/TIPHON)

OTP (Open Trading Protocol
P3P Syntax Specification
PDML (Product Data Markup Language)
PDX (Product Definition Exchange)
PGML (Precision Graphics Markup Language)

PICS (Meta-data)
PIF-XML (Process Interchange Format XML)
PML (Portal Markup Language)
PML (Procedural Markup Language)
PMML (Predictive Model Markup Language)

PSL (Process Specification Language)
QAML (The Q&A Markup Language)
RDF (Resource Description Framework)
RETML (Real Estate Transaction Markup Language)

RSS (RDF Rich Site Summary)
SABLE (A Standard for Text-to-Speech Synthesis Markup)
Scripting News in XML
SDML (Signed Document Markup Language)
SGF (Structured Graph Format)

SIF (Schools Interoperability Framework)
SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language)
SML (smartX smart card Markup Language)
SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)
SODL (Simple Object Definition Language and XMOP Service)

SOX (Schema for Object-oriented XML)
SWAP (Simple Workflow Access Protocol)
TEI (Text Encoding Initiative)

ThML (Theological Markup Language)
TIM (Telecommunications Interchange Markup TCIF/IPI)
TML (Telephony Markup Language)
TML (Tutorial Markup Language)
TMX (Translation Memory eXchange)

UIML (User Interface Markup Language)
Universal Plug and Play Forum
Using XML for RFCs
UXF (UML eXchange Format)
vCard Electronic Business Card

VHG (Virtual Hyperglossary)
VML (Vector Markup Language)
VoiceXML Forum
VoxML Markup Language
W3C Specifications Documentation

WAP (Wireless Markup Language Specification)
WDDX (Web Distributed Data Exchange)
Web Collections using XML
WebBroker (Distributed Object Communication on the Web)
WEBDAV (IETF Extensions for Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning)

Wf-XML (XML-Based Process Management Standard)
WIDL (Web Interface Definition Language)
WSP (Web Standards Project)
X-ACT (XML Active Content Technologies Council)
XBEL (The XML Bookmark Exchange Language)

XCI (XML Court Interface)
XFA (XML Forms Architecture)
XFDL (Extensible Forms Description Language)
XFRML (Extensible Financial Reporting Markup Language)
XLF (Extensible Log Format Initiative)

XMI (XML Metadata Interchange Format)
XML and Music
XML Belief Network File Format (Bayesian Networks)

XML Data Binding Specification
XML Digital Signature (Signed XML-IETF/W3C)
XML DTD for Phone Books
XML Encoded Form Values
XML for the Automotive Industry (SAE J2008)

XML for Workflow Management [NIST]
XML-HR Initiative (Human Resources)
XML.ORG (The XML Industry Portal)

XML/EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
XML/EDI (European Pilot Project)
XML/EDI (Repository Working Group)
XMLNews (XMLNews-Story and XMLNews-Meta)

XML Transfer Protocol (XMLTP.Org)
XOL (XML-Based Ontology Exchange Language)
XUL (Extensible UI Language)
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