XO computer

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XO computer

A "One Laptop Per Child" machine. The XO comes from the project's logo that depicts a person's body as an "X" with an "O" on top for the head. See OLPC.

XO-4 Touch Convertible Laptop
XO laptops use a custom Red Had Fedora OS running the Sugar user interface. Starting in 2007, they were powered by x86 CPUs but were switched to ARM chips in 2013 with the XO-4 Touch. The XO-4 has 1 or 2GB of RAM, 4 or 8GB of solid state storage, USB ports and Bluetooth, and its Wi-Fi mesh configuration can interconnect an entire village. A key design factor was the unique, 7.5" dual-mode display that enables black and white viewing in bright sunlight.

XO Tablet
In 2013, the XO tablet replaced the XO-3 tablet/e-book project that never came to fruition. Available at retail outlets, the tablet is Android based with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of solid state storage. For more information, visit www.xotablet.com.

The XO-1 Laptop
The OLPC convertible laptop has helped educate kids who would not have had access to computing resources. (Image courtesy of the One Laptop Per Child Association, www.laptop.org)

The XO Tablet
Designed by OLPC and manufactured by Vivitar, the Android based 7" XO tablet is preloaded with more than 100 apps. It is also available at retails stores, including Walmart and Target. (Image courtesy of One Laptop Per Child Association, www.laptop.org)
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The Mazor XO system will allow our spine surgeons to operate more precisely and effectively, so they are able to deliver the highest quality care to their patients with spine conditions."
"The Mazor XO system helps us with these issues as it gives us a comprehensive 3D surgical plan and analytics that provide important information before surgery," said Dr.
Similarly, palmitic acid has been reported to be able to significantly reduce H2O2 generation both by neutrophils and in the XO system [30].
A comparison of the inhibitory effect on XO with the inhibitory effect on the generation of superoxide anion radical (O2-) from the hypoxanthine- XO system revealed that the inhibition of O2- generation by eugenol is due to its radical-scavenging activity while inhibitory activity is due to the presence of binding sites in eugenol for XO.
In Auchenorrhyncha the XO system is predominates and the XY system is secondary (Kuznetsova et al.