Extensible Stylesheet Language

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Extensible Stylesheet Language

(World-Wide Web)
(XSL) A standard developed by the World Wide Web Consortium defining a language for transforming and formatting XML documents.

An XSL stylesheet is written in XML and consists of instructions for tree transformation and formatting. The tree transformations describe how each XML tag relates to other data and the formatting instructions describe how to output the various types of data.


See also Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations.
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McLaughlin shows only one XSL stylesheet and does not describe how to use an XSL processor.
This application contains the pipeline as well as all XSL stylesheets, input and output adapters that were defined in the pipeline.
Here are examples for a repository that can disseminate XHTML (metadataPrefix = xhtml), XSL Stylesheets (metadataPrefix = xsl), and XML Schemas (metadataPrefix = xsd) respectively:
The Presentation Server translates all XML code into HTML pages by adding layout (in the form of XSL stylesheets), and transmits it across the Web.