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(anything As AService) Cloud computing services. The "aaS" suffix has become very popular.

Acronym  As a Service

   BaaS     See  cloud storage.

    BDaaS    Big data

    BPaaS    Business process

    CPaaS    Communications platform

    DaaS     Desktop or Data

    DQaaS    Data Quality

    DRaaS    Disaster recovery

   FaaS     See  serverless computing.

    IaaS     Infrastructure

    IDaaS    Identity

    IPaaS    Integration

    ITaaS    IT (hardware & software)

   MaaS     See  TaaS.

    NaaS     Network

    PaaS     Platform

    PhaaS    Phishing

    QaaS     Quantum computing

    RaaS     Robotics

    SaaS     Software

    TaaS     Transportation

    SoSaaS   Not genuine SaaS

    UCaaS    Unified communications

    WaaS     Workspace
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However, the XaaS model also creates new challenges for government CIOs.
XaaS is about addressing pain points, and Lenovo Philippines is willing to go the extra mile to alleviate these.
In less than a decade, the basic concept of software as a service, or SaaS, has evolved to anything as a service, or XaaS.
The emphasis of research on the analysis of features of new innovative services Traffic Information System Provider (TISP) in Croatia, based on XaaS paradigm, the function of implementing the necessary e-communications infrastructure and services of ITS.
The panel discussion was joined by four speakers: Nan Weitzman (Global Head of Talent at HP Inc.), John Younger (CEO of StartUp HireMojo), Yvonne Keene (XaaS Business/Digital Transformation Leader at Deloitte) and Vanessa Mason (Research Director for the Future50 program at Institute for The Future).
Boston, MA, June 05, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Today, Venturitas announces the launch of the worlds first Experience as a Service (XaaS) global management consulting firm focused on upending the traditional management consulting model with initial hubs in Boston, New York, and London.
The MCN provider itself sign contracts with micro and macro datacenters and cloud ready mobile networks in order to provide services by using Radio Access Networks (RAN) virtualization, mobile Evolved Packet Core as a Service (EPCaaS) that is on demand development of mobile Evolved Packet Core (EPC) instances on top of IaaS on micro and macro datacenters, IP Multimedia Subsystem as a service (IMSaaS) that is on demand development of IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) instances on top of IaaS on micro and macro datacenters that is used for voice/video services, on demand development of content / storage / application distribution services, End-to-End MCN Service Orchestration and XaaS in MCN.
Nokia has launched an extensive 'everything as a service' - XaaS - portfolio to enable operators and enterprises to leverage Nokia's scale and expertise to meet the demands of the ultra-connected world.