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(both: ksän`thē), city (1991 pop. 37,463), capital of Xánthi prefecture, NE Greece, in Thrace. Tobacco and wheat are grown. The city has a sizable Muslim minority.



a city in Greece, in Thrace. Administrative center of the department of Xanthi. Population, 23,000 (1971). Xanthi is an important center of the tobacco industry. There is a food industry for processing local agricultural produce (grain, legumes, and vegetables).

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Kampakas SA, Xanthi, Greece, produced a number of iron and aluminum-silicon castings for use in the LHC.
The Thrace Group is expanding its spunbond capacity with the purchase of a Fare production line, which will be installed at the company's Xanthi, Greece, site.
Ioannis Karafyllidis of the Democritus University of Thrace in Xanthi, Greece, has found that the cycling of the cyanobacterial clock resonates, or works most efficiently, at periods of 11 and 21 hours.
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