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The initial stage includes a furnishings brand sales company (Shangpin Home Collection), a furnishings network (Xinju Network), and a furnishings and interior professional software company (Yuanfang Software).
Relevant finds were made at the sites of Dayunshan (Nanjing bowuguan and Xuyixian wenguan xinju 2013a and 2013b) and Shizishan [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (Shizishan Chu wang ling kaogu fajuedui 1998) in modern-day Jiangsu, the final resting places of the kings of Jiangdu and Chu [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] The tombs uncovered at Bao'anshan [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and Tiejiaoshan [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] in Henan province (Henansheng wenwu yanjiusuo and Yongchengxian wenwu guanli weiyuanhui 1992) are associated with the kings of Liang [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] those at Changsha [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] in Hunan province with the kingdom of Changsha (Changshashi wenhuaju wenwuzu 1979).
2.11; Nanjing bowuguan and Xuyixian wenguan xinju 2013a: 12) and fifty made of gilt bronze (Figs.
One of the Dayunshan finds, however, has a long pin, and was probably used as a fitting, perhaps for a chariot (Nanjing bowuguan and Xuyixian wenguan xinju 2013a: 6) (Fig.
3.2; 6; Nanjing bowuguan and Xuyixian wenguan xinju 2013a: 40-41), Mancheng grave M1 (Figs.
Although recovered in a looting ditch in the front chamber of the grave and thus most likely not in the original location, the gold plaques found at Dayunshan were also attached to a single piece of red silk suggesting that they might have functioned in a similar way (Nanjing bowuguan and Xuyixian wenguan xinju 2013a: 39).
4.12; Nanjing bowuguan and Xuyixian wenguan xinju 2013b: 55-56) and Shizishan (Fig.
So Chen wrote an impassionate response titled "See New Plays and Follow New Fads" (kan xinju yu xue xinchao) to defend his honor, blaming his premature exit on the level of acting (too amateurish!) and the maddening noise in the theatre.
(3) He returned to China at the time of the 1911 Revolution and chose to become a professional actor of "new drama" or xinju [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]; Ouyang was in fact an initiator of huaju [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (spoken drama) in China.
The company also noted that on April 10, it signed a variable interest entity agreement with Sichuan Xinju Mineral Resources Development Corporation and certain of its shareholders holding a majority of its voting stock.
Under the terms of the VIE, Apollo Solar was granted the exclusive exploration rights to the Dashuigou area and mining rights to the tellurium mine in Majiagou owned by Xinju in accordance with a license granted by the Chinese government, which extends through January, 2013, subject to potential renewal thereafter.
Other names included pixinju, piju, huidiaoju, and xinju.