Hsüan T'ung

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Hsüan T'ung:

see Pu YiPu Yi
or Henry Pu-yi,
Manchu Aisin Gioro, 1906–67, last emperor (1908–12) of China, under the reign name Hsuan T'ung. After his abdication, the new republican government granted him a large government pension and permitted him to live in the
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One of the main QJ developments has been the building of the Grand Tang Theme Park, and since 2013, in line with Xi Jinping's 'One Road and One Belt' plan, further investment has been put into the Grand Tang Theme Park, with marketing material focused on the Grand Goose Pagoda--where it is claimed the Sanskrit brought back from India was stored, highlighting Monk Xuanzong's successful completion of the Silk route mission.
827-840) and Xuanzong ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], r.846-859), Jiaofang's influence was restricted to some extent.
One of the Yang Guifei movies is due to be directed by "Training Day" helmer Antoine Fuqua, and is backed by money from Xi'an, the city Xuanzong abandoned as the dynasty collapsed.
If Sikong Tu's poem and its illustration in Illustrated Tang Poems render the lovers' fleeting gaze as harmless fantasy, the famous gaze cast by the eighth-century emperor Xuanzong [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] on his favorite Consort Yang [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] taking a bath inevitably evokes moralistic reflection, as the scene is a chapter in the narrative of the decline of the High Tang.
Wu Huifei was Emperor Xuanzong's favorite concubine and was posthumously known as Empress Zhenshun, meaning "the virtuous and serene empress." (ANI)
778), a scholarly hermit who was later ordained as a Daoist priest and appointed Hanlin Academician in Attendance, and so was a privileged witness to Xuanzong's Daoist experiment.
He likened Song's sorry state of affairs to those of the periods of Liang Wudi and Tang Xuanzong, in which people only enjoyed their accomplishment while neglecting reforms, a state of affairs that ultimately led to the fall of their empires.
The screens feature the Chinese emperor Xuanzong, who ruled during the golden age of the Tang Dynasty (618-906),and his beloved Yang Guifei.
Notorious beauty and concubine of the great Tang emperor Xuanzong (reigned 712-756).
Anecdotes illustrating the motif of a patron who "knows" (zhi [phrase omitted]) the value of others flourished during the ninth century, and one of the best known concerns Emperor Xuanzong [phrase omitted] (r.
It may well date from the reign of the Tang emperor Xuanzong (reigned 712-756), which saw greater naturalism in sculpture and Buddhist deities rendered more approachable than before.
(2) Tambien el emperador Xuanzong (712-755), en honor a Lao Zi, creo escuelas y templos en cada capital de provincia y prefectura, y agrego muchos otros textos taoistas al manual de los examenes.