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The temperature of equilibrium for corresponding phase change Ac; Aecm, Ae3, and Ae4 are similarly related to Accm, Ac3, and Ac4.




The country code for the United Arab Emirates.


(1) See artificial empathy.

(2) (Academic Edition) Refers to software that is packaged for students and teachers at a significantly reduced price. Buyers must prove their qualifications before purchasing, such as a student or faculty ID or teaching certificate.
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Before Yemen's protracted political crisis erupted in 2011, however, the YAE had seen an increase in clubs between 2000 and 2006.
The "here and there" are the subjects of both parts of Two Novellas by YAE.
Yae Araki, 82, of Osaka, donated the binoculars to the museum on Thursday, the officials said.
With: Lee Byung-hun, Lee Eun-ju, Yae Hyun-soo, Hong Su-hyun, Kim Kab-su, Lee Bum-soo.