Yacht Club

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Yacht Club


a sports organization that promotes sailing and, less often, rowing and other aquatic sports. The facilities of a yacht club include a boathouse, workshops, berths and booms at which yachts can be moored and docked, and mechanisms for raising and lowering vessels; the club’s marina is usually situated on a bay or at the mouth of a river.

The first yacht club was founded in Cork, Ireland, in 1720. The first yacht club in Russia was founded on Lake Onega during the reign of Peter I; similar organizations were established in St. Petersburg and Moscow in the mid-19th century.

In the USSR, yacht clubs organize educational and training activities in sailing. In 1978 there were more than 120 yacht clubs, attached to such organizations as physical education groups and sports societies.

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San Diego Yacht Club (Scott Sinks) was seventh, while San Diego Yacht Club's AJ Reiter took ninth.
Visitors and residents can watch a variety of boats loop around the marina from Dubai Marina Yacht Clubs garden terraces and Aquara Restaurant & Lounge.
The ex-Formula 1 star hopes to attract the superrich, from the likes of actor Johnny Depp and moviemaker Steven Spielberg to businessman Bill Gates, to swing by his yacht club.
Vantage Yacht Club has already made great strides in the marine industry with two of its highly famous services, '<em>Vantage Yacht Card</em>' and '<em>Vantage Yacht Shares</em>', where in the club's members are able to take fractional ownership of a yacht that can be selected from huge variety that is cataloged by Vantage.
Cipriani will open their signature Italian restaurant, a wine and bellini Room, Yotto their first and only Japanese restaurant, a cigar lounge, Allure, a nightclub, a private member's yacht club and catering facilities.
Yas Marina & Yacht Club proudly welcomed one of the world's largest Gigayacht's -- Dilbar -- and her guests to the Marina today.
The ninth British Classic Yacht Club (BCYC) Cowes Regatta will join the prestigious Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge Circuit (PCYC) from 2010 as part of a three-year sponsorship deal signed this month.
A runaway casino barge, not storm surge, was what leveled the Biloxi Yacht Club (BYC).
It was the result of a special sponsorship programme between the OYT NE and the Blyth-based Royal Northumberland Yacht Club.
The West Kirby first team with helms Andy Bryson, Matt Findley and Tom Hebberd went out in the semi-finals to winners New York Yacht Club Silver Panda and West Kirby Hawks with Andy Cornah, Ben Fielding and Dom Johnson steering were knocked out at the penultimate stage by Larchmount Yacht Club from America.
2 million loan on January 18 to CR Hancock Bridge, an affiliate of Continental Realty Corporation, for the ground-up construction of North Star Yacht Club in North Fort Myers, Florida.
The fourth book in the Love Letters series, this novel centers around Quinn Finnegan, a Long Island native preparing for a long summer of waiting tables at the swanky Land's End Yacht Club restaurant.