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Jewish immigrants quickly took their places and in 1950, the Tel Aviv municipality swallowed Jaffa, renaming it Yafo.
The sandy path, a distance of about ten kilometers from Petach Tikva to Yafo, was a hiking path for us this time.
Yafo has turned into a friction point during the terror wave this past month.
The text alongside the map on the chalkboard reads "Akko, Haifa, Yafo, Ramle, Tzfat, Beit Shean, were and will remain Palestinian cities."
Hundreds of protesters arrived to demonstrate Sunday night against the mixed marriage of a young couple from Yafo: Moral, a 23-year-old Jewish woman recently converted to Islam by her groom, Mahmoud Mansour, a 26-year-old Muslim Arab.
Harimi got a Bedouin citizen of Israel who smuggles illegals into Israel from Palestinian Authority territories, to drive him to Yafo (Jaffa).
The ruling came during discussion over the case of striker Yair Cohen Tzedek, a player on the Maccabi Yafo Kabilyo team, who requested to wear a kippah while playing.
The Jewish-Palestinian conflict began, said the prime minister, in 1921, when Arabs attacked Beit Haolim in Yafo (Jaffa), which housed new Jewish immigrants.
We will not ask to return to Yafo, Akko and Tzfat," he reportedly said.
The show host went even further, however, and told one woman player who did not know the "correct answers" on her own, "Say the names after me: Jerusalem, Gaza, Ramallah, Haifa, Jaffa, Bethlehem." PMW noted that though Jerusalem, Haifa, and Yafo (Jaffa) are cities in Israel, and not under PA control, the woman was handed $100 for repeating the "correct" answers.
The PA TV host refers to cities in Israel alternately as "1948 occupied cities," "occupied cities" or "occupied territories." The Israeli cities described as Palestinian cities include Haifa, Yafo (Jaffa), Akko (Acre), all of which are located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and Lod and Ramle, located near Ben Gurion Airport.