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(World-Wide Web)
Yet Another Hierarchical Officious/Obstreperous/Odiferous/Organized Oracle.

(Or a member of a race of brutes in Swift's Gulliver's Travels who have the form and all the vices of man, or an uncouth or rowdy person).

Probably the biggest hierarchical index of the World-Wide Web. Originally at Stanford University, Yahoo moved to its own site in April 1995. It allows you to move up and down the heirarchy, to search it and to suggest additions. It also features "What's New", "What's Popular", "What's Cool" and a random link.


(Yahoo, Sunnyvale, CA, The most diversified information portal on the Web. Along with search, news, sports and weather, Yahoo offers email, instant messaging, travel, auctions, classified ads, financial data, discussion groups, Web hosting and numerous other services.

It Began with Search
When it launched in 1995, Yahoo was the first Web search site to gain worldwide attention. It distinguished itself in the early days because it created its indexes manually. Instead of sending out automated spiders that roamed the Web and indexed everything in sight, indexing specialists decided what categories a Web page fit in. As a result, Yahoo called itself a "directory," rather than a search engine. As the Web grew exponentially, it became too large to index manually, and Yahoo employed automated methods.

A Student Hobby
In 1994, Stanford Ph.D candidates Jerry Yang and David Filo began indexing interesting websites as a hobby. "Jerry and David's Guide to the World Wide Web" turned into Yahoo, meaning "Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle!" A very successful IPO followed in 1996, and within a few years, Yahoo became a major global brand worldwide.

From Yahoo to Oath and Altaba
Valued at USD $67 billion prior to the dot-com bust, Yahoo began to slide ever since. Although Microsoft offered $44 billion to buy the company in 2008, Yahoo declined. Nine years later in 2017, Verizon acquired Yahoo's Internet businesses for $5 billion. Combined with Verizon's acquisition of AOL in 2015, an umbrella company was formed and named Oath. Retaining their own brands, more than 50 media and tech sites are part of Oath, including Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, AOL, TechCrunch, tumblr and engadget.

What remained of Yahoo not acquired by Verizon was renamed Altaba ("alternate to Alibaba"), which owns roughly 15% of the Chinese Internet giant (see Alibaba).
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While Yahoo initially reported one billion users were exposed by one hack and 500 million exposed by another, the company revised its figures last year and (http://www.
It is considered an important step to unlock shareholder value for Yahoo.
Yahoo had a $37 billion market value, but its Alibaba and Yahoo Japan holdings are estimated to be worth $40 billion or more.
The deal, expected to close in early 2017, marks the end of Yahoo as an operating company, leaving it with a 15 percent stake in Chinese ecommerce company Alibaba Group Holding Ltd and a 35.
This transaction also sets up a great opportunity for Yahoo to build further distribution and accelerate our work in mobile, video, native advertising and social.
The 8,800 employees Yahoo brings to Verizon are likely to see significant reductions in number given natural synergies; Mayer already slashed her work force by 20% over the past year to get her company ready for sale.
The Alibaba and Yahoo Japan investments are worth about $40 billion, while Yahoo had a market value of about $37.
Investments in Alibaba, China's largest e-commerce company, and Yahoo Japan are the main reason Yahoo's stock has tripled since Mayer defected from Google to become Yahoo's CEO two-and-half years ago.
The first Yahoo service to require the new sign-in process is Yahoo Sports Tourney Pick'Em, a service focused on the NC college basketball tournament which begins later this month.
She further said that digital magazines would be a core part of the Yahoo strategy while adding that Yahoo Tech would have daily columnists and no display ads.
This wasn't the first time Yahoo made its presence known at the 20-year-old tech, music and film festival, but it was certainly the grandest.
The move is shaping up as the best thing to happen to Yahoo since 2005 when it invested $1 billion in what was then a little-known Internet company in China, Alibaba.